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Adding value for mobile users

Time: September 11 - September 25, 2020

Tool: Adobe XD

Role: Lead designer

Primary Skills Utilized: data monitoring, user recording observation, competitive research, heuristic evaluation, visual design, prototyping


AllTheRooms.Analytics is a data dashboard designed for Vacation Rental Hosts to make data driven decisions on their Properties features to improve their earning based on their Market performance.

The platform is a Freemium model where Hosts can see basic data for their Market but for unlock advanced features they need to subscribe to a Monthly Plan.


95% of our Customers were using desktop when purchasing a plan while only 5% were using mobile when purchasing a plan. However 44% of our weekly signed in users were mobile users we figured if we could reduce this deep gap we could raise our conversion rates.

The Platform user flow was built with different ‘click traps’ where, when the user wanted to learn more about a premium feature a ‘See Upgrades’ modal would open showing the features they could access and then follow to the subscription flow.

However, for mobile users there was no clear message informing them there was a purchase option and what could they get for subscribing.


  • Mobile users are not entering the subscription flow through Principal CTA’s.

  • It is not clear if the users are intentionally showing interest of subscribing to a plan or they opened the subscription by mistake.

  • At least once a day we were getting users on our chat asking what they got if they subscribed.

How might we help mobile users understand what features are free and what features are premium in order to make value driven purchase decisions?

Mobile Interface Pain Points


The subscribe button did not follow platform conventions and it didn't offered any information of what was the action to be performed.

Broken Heuristics: #1 Visibility of System Status, #4: Consistency and standards, #6: Recognition rather than recall


The data cards had multiple layout issues:

  • Broke readability

  • Data with no context

  • CTA’s don’t provide enough information to know what will happen next.

Broken Heuristics: #1 Visibility of System Status, #6: Recognition rather than recall, #8: Aesthetic and minimalist design.


The filters interaction opens ‘see upgrades’ options immediately, it doesn’t provide the user full context of what filters they could access too.

Broken Heuristics: #1 Visibility of System Status, #6: Recognition rather than recall


Nest filters in one button and have the action to first open a drop down with all the available filters and add a CTA for prompting the user to subscribe and getting access.

This change also allowed us to save some vertical space so the fixed menu didn’t take so much space in small screens.


  • Since its launch on July 2020 we’ve seen number of subscriptions from mobile increased from 3 weekly users subscribing on mobile devices to 7 weekly users.

  • As we started seeing these improvements in mobile conversions we decided to apply some changes to the Data cards section which ended up increasing our total conversion rate from 2.5% to 3.92% lower confidence conversion rates and 5.77% upper confidence.

  • Having clearer CTA’s helped us to understand better the user flow in the app and gave us a better insight on what the users are finding high value on.

What would I change?

For this specific problem we opted to solve these Usability problems so we could have a clearer vision of the users intentionality to buy or not the product and this way being able to provide with better solutions in the future.

However the outcome of the project was outstanding for our conversion rates, and so something I would have change is to be more insistent on prioritizing the UX debt both for mobile and desktop.

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